#YesAllWomen INTRO by Sydney Richburg

#YesAllWomen is a Twitter hashtag and social media campaign that has been used to bring light to users stories of misogyny and violence against women. The campaign is an attempt to raise awareness of sexism that women experience.

This hashtag was created in response to the hashtag NotAllMen that started after the 2014 Isla Vista killings. The killer’s Internet activity was described as misogynistic, and hatred of women was cited as a factor in his crimes. After this tragedy, in response many Twitter users made the argument that “not all men” are like that.

In reaction to the hashtag “#NotAllMen”, a female Twitter user then created “#YesAllWomen” to express that all women are affected by sexism and misogyny, even though not all men are sexist.

I think that the creation of both of these hashtags shows a classic example of two parties working against each other instead of with each other. Both parties should be fighting against the sexualization of women, especially in the event of these killings. These hashtags seem to distract from the actual issue at hand by targeting the opposite group.

Unknown.png Unknown-1.png Ms._magazine_Cover_-_Fall_2014.jpghttps://www.behance.net/gallery/17324265/YesAllWomen-Posters-


Sources: http://time.com/114043/yesallwomen-hashtag-santa-barbara-shooting/



VIDEO: Info on shooting: https://www.democracynow.org/2014/5/27/yesallwomen_rebecca_solnit_on_the_sant

Possibly lead this into “old fashioned” feminism vs radical/modern feminism

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