Pinterest Pins using “Arab” and “Muslim”

“Arab” Depiction on Pinterest 


This pin was for a makeup tutorial on Arab eye makeup: “Arabic eyes unlock the hearts unspoken words”



Hijab Fashion



Nike Hijab



Many pins accented the eyes and used jewelry and design as forms of expression


“My Arab tastes did clash with my Muslim Customs”



TeenVogue: Muslim Blogger Talks About the Power of Makeup



Emphasis on Arabian Art

 Common Themes under “Arab”: much more about the culture, art, beauty. Showed vibrant images of art, buildings, and food.

“Muslim” depiction on Pinterest


How This Campaign Is Using Stunning Photos of Muslim Women to Fight Islamophobia




Muslim Inspiration Quotes


Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.50.31 AM.pngLink to Ibtihaj Interview

Common Themes under Muslim: Way more political and represented Muslim culture. Advocated for Muslim women in America. Many images included inspiring quotes.

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