Media Representation of the Independent Woman in Rap


The representation of independent women in the media can be examined through current rap lyrics and music videos. Rap music has received a lot of criticism for portraying a misogynic view of women. Rap music has been especially known for sexually objectifying and exploiting women. While not all rap music does this, rap lyrics have a reputation for portraying women as “b*tches” and “hoes” while boosting men’s ego and status. The independent woman should be portrayed as powerful, strong, and capable of supporting themselves. However, in rap they are portrayed as independent from men while also being for sexually promiscuous and having a very low-commitment level to men.

Sexualization of Black Women in Rap: body is viewed as a means for male sexual pleasure

Three Frames

  1. welfare and crack mother
  2. poor women who deserve a lower status in US society
  3. strippers and hoes

The effect of these frames puts pressure on women to participate in sexual innuendos. It can even lead women to desire to lose weight which can develop eating disorders.

The Bottom Line: The representation of women is unrealistic and harmful to how both men and women view themselves. It portrays women as objects and presents an “ideal” image that is unattainable.

Misrepresentation of Women in Media Examples



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